Carrying messages has never been more dangerous!


This heart warming family movie tells the story of Valiant, an ordinary wood pigeon who dreams of doing  something big and amazing, so when he hears that they are hiring for the Royal Homing Pigeon Service, he’s found his calling. The story is set in 1944 during WW2, and Valiant has to fend off the enemy Falcons while trying to deliver very important messages.

Because it’s rated U, it means that its even suitable for the little ones and even toddlers can watch it too. It stars quite a few famous voices for the characters; Ewan McGreggor, Hugh Laurie, Tim Curry, and Ricky Gervais to name a few.

Created by Walt Disney, the film is sure to have plenty of jokes and laughter, fun and excitement in an adventure that everyone will enjoy.

Watching movies with your kids is one of the most memorable bonding moments that you can give them. Aside from enjoying their company, you can guide them with what they are watching. Unlike before, cartoons, animations and movies for kids now involve action and other scenes which are not really suited for their young minds. Thus, choosing the right movies or programs to watch are very important.

Kids are very appreciative, giving them a gift from their favorite toy store or some accessories from baby deals online will surely brighten up their days. However, it is time and attention which they will forever cherish
Being a good role model to them plays a significant role in molding them as good persons. Children are good imitators and they learn more by viewing. Hence, as much as possible parents should try their best to live a life that is worth emulating. Also, preparing kids to have a good future is any parent’s responsibility.



The economic climate is not that good these days, being frugal and hardworking are your armor in this unsteady economy. Showing your children how to earn a decent living and valuing things around you are very important lessons to impart. They will live with it until they grow old.
Aside from steady income, having a good business will boost your finances. Parents should also be good providers to their children in order to support the family’s daily living and the dreams of your kids. If you have business and you want to boost your sales, you might consider having your own website.